Synthetic or Real Mink Lashes

A common question we get asked is Synthetic or Real Mink better for lash extensions?

Although it is mainly preference, each type of lash has its pros and cons.

While the authentic real mink looks more real, natural and feels a lot lighter, the real mink can lose its curl easily if not well maintained by the client.  The softness of the real mink lashes can create a beautiful extension and because the real mink lashes are so light they don't put much weight on the natural lashes.  Our real mink lashes for lash extensions are only available in lash trays.  Real mink should not come in a loose form due to the delicate nature of the lashes.  Real mink are often used in volume lashes since they are so light and multiple real mink lashes can be placed on one natural lash. Real mink eyelashes are harvested by brushing the hairs off.  Real mink cannot be altered so there is only one thickness but it is available in different lengths.

The premium synthetic mink lashes are made of high-quality PBT fiber.  PBT is a high-performance material with high molecular weight and is often characterized as being a strong, stiff, and engineerable material.  The synthetic mink lashes are great for eyelash extensions because they are easier to handle and work with during the application process.  On top of that, the premium mink will hold its curl longer and hold it's beautiful luster.  Our synthetic mink lashes are available in loose lashes and in lash trays.  Since they are synthetic they are available in various thicknesses and lengths. 

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